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New Website Features

We are making some great updates to the site, and would like to share with you how the new features work. As new features are implemented on the site, we will update this page. Don’t forget to check back to see what we’ve launched next!

Pre-Order Information

Have you found an item that you would like to purchase, but the item is out of stock? We have added a new feature that allows you to pre-order out-of-stock items that have a “Due in” date listed. This will reserve inventory prior to Darice receiving it in our warehouse.
Here’s how the new feature works:
If there’s an item that you would like to purchase and there’s a “Due in” date listed, click the “Pre-order” button and it will then be added to your cart.
When pre-order items are added to your cart, they will be automatically separated into two individual orders:
  • Top section of your cart contains items that are in stock and can ship immediately.
  • Bottom section are the pre-order items that will be scheduled to ship later. The scheduled ship date is based on the latest date that your items are scheduled to arrive in the warehouse.
Please note: The order that is shipping now as well as the order shipping later EACH need to meet the minimum order amount of $75.
Promotion Codes:
  • Items that are shipping now are eligible for promotions that are currently running on the site. Pre-Order items are not eligible for promotions.
  • Promotions are valid only on orders that are shipping immediately. If the requested ship date is changed, the promotion will be removed.
  • You will be charged separate shipping fees on the two orders.
  • Occasionally, we will confirm delivery date, then learn we are unable to fulfill the order due to a changed shipment date to our warehouse.
  • You are charged once the order has been shipped.
  • If there is an item that you have selected as pre-order, and you no longer want the item, you will need to call customer service 1-866-4-DARICE (1-866-432-7423) to cancel.
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