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Crafter's Checklist: 25 Items You Need Now to Start Creating
Crafter's Checklist: 25 Items You Need Now to Start Creating

Jump into the fall crafting season with these 25 essential supplies.

The fall crafting season is upon us and whether you're just starting to show off your creativity or you're a veteran who is taking stock of what's in your supply closet, these are the tools and accessories you must have for your pre-planned working time or a spur-of-the-moment session.

This list can also serve as a helpful reminder that it could be time to evaluate whether some of your items need to be replaced from wear and tear, or if there are products that you have run out of or have only in short supply.


We've all had the overwhelmed "where do I start" feeling. Break that wall down and jump in with these supplies.

Scissors of all sorts: You'll need these sharp devices for fabric, paper and embellishments. Some crafters protect these with their lives.

Craft knives and rotary cutters: Precision cutting is a must. Here are your solutions.

Paper trimmer: Staying on theme here with making it easier for straight lines and designs.

Gridded cutting mat: Self-healing mats are incredible and allow you to cut on exact angles or perfect sizes.

Hole punches: Piercing fabric, paper and other supplies is a must, regardless of shape and intent. These tools will get the job done.

Paint brushes: This includes traditional paint brushes and foam brushes. Pro tip: Use brushes to apply glue and clean-up projects as well.

Glue gun: Hot glue guns adhere items to fabric, paper, plastic, wood and other surfaces. These make it easy to apply and cleanup. Don’t forget to have on bunch of replacement glue sticks on hand.

Other glues: What will hold your buttons, glitter, dots, jewelry and other elements that will make your craft come alive?

Felt: Soft and fuzzy, felt inspires a variety of fabric and home decor projects.

Ribbons: Pair with crafts and floral arrangements. There's a style for everyone.

Paper: Cardstock, embellished paper and scrapbook paper are key supplies for the busy crafter.

Tweezers: A multi-purpose tool if there ever was one. Use for hard to reach areas or to pick up tiny pieces like small embellishments and beads.p>

Pins and needles: You may not be sewing with all projects, but these will come in handy when you are. Also use them for threading items on crafts or holding material in place.

Cords, thread and wire: All-purpose projects require all-purpose items to tie or hold the craft together.

Rulers: It seems pretty basic, but a ruler is often overlooked among the crafters toolbox. And there are many types that can up your game.

Storage: With all of these items and others you'll accumulate, it's a good idea to have a way to organize and easily locate what you need when you need it.


The fall season, and its cooler temperatures, are ideal for working inside. And, of course, that means Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. Here are some crafting mainstays for the upcoming holidays.

Craft pumpkins: Pumpkins go hand and hand with Halloween, fall and Thanksgiving, you can always find a use for pumpkins.

Hay and straw bales: This is another staple of fall that you can incorporate in your designs.

Embellished paper: Use it as a backdrop or as a part in a larger design.

Ribbon: Yuletide ribbons are a perfect finishing touch and design element for your piece.

Ornaments: Decorate your Christmas tree with home-made trimmings and bulbs.

Santa hats: One of the season's most recognized accessories. You'll make it even more special with a personal touch.


Say it with me: Keep the kids busy. This will let you get some of your own crafting done while engaging the kids by bundling family time with projects of their own. It's also a good idea to have these craft projects on-hand for sleepovers, parties and other events.

Pillow Kits: These are always a hit and the completed craft will provide years of comfort.

Mosaic stones: Make a single-piece as a garden decoration or make a path through the flower beds.

Wooden activity kits: Color masks, build picture frames or make whimsical art, the options are endless.

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