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Clever Twists on Business Cards
Clever Twists on Business Cards

A great business card can keep you at the forefront of your clients’ minds.

A bad one—well, we all know what happens to those. (Eighty percent end up in the trash.) From chocolate cards to smartphone-compatible cards, here are five unique, nontraditional ways to create a lasting impression.

1. Pop-up

To make your business card stand out—literally—consider a pop-up. The designers at CARDOBSERVER can turn a photograph of your face into a pop-up cutout, while Etsy paper crafters like Petrina Case and L-Bon Design offer to turn an image of your logo or signature craft into a pop-up. A crafter specializing in woolen knits could make a pop-up of a sheep. One who specializes in rain accessories might silhouette a colorful umbrella.

2. Functional

Turning your business card into a tool with real-world functions related to your crafts gives people a reason not just to keep your card but to value it. For example, Juke Box Print makes silkscreened cards that are actual tea bags. Meanwhile, Botanical Paperworks creates plantable cards with seeds embedded in the paper for eco-friendly companies, and Pure Metal Cards manufactures business cards equipped with bottle openers.

3. Virtual

When you're aiming to drive new clients to your website, why not let your business cards streamline the process? Moo Print Ltd does just that, allowing you to create business cards with customized QR codes that transport clients to a site of your choosing with a simple wave of their iPhone.

4. Edible

For a tasty twist on traditional paper, Watson's Chocolates will print your logo on business-card sized blocks of milk or dark chocolate; Good Fortunes will replicate it with icing on cookies; and Meat Cards will sear it into a slab of jerky. Admittedly, people might gobble up your contact information, and the price tag might make edible cards a treat best reserved as a special-occasion thank you for premium clients or shops that carry your products.

5. Art and Craft Pieces

If quirky shapes and textures aren't statement-making enough for you, create a mini artwork by hand-stamping your logo on business-card-sized swatches of fabric or burlap. Or, if you're handy with a needle and thread, turn the stamped fabric into mini sachets by filling them with lavender. You can also jazz up traditional paper cards with a hand embosser, intricate cutouts, or a splash of bright watercolor paint.

Images courtesy of Petrina Case, Petrina Case Studio

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