Bridal Templates

These downloadable templates will help you to easily customize our place cards, seals, stickers and stationery! To get started:
  • Right click on the Printing Tips button below, and select Save As to save that file in a folder on your computer.
  • Do the same for the template of your choice.
  • Open and read the Printing Tips document first.
  • Open the template, then edit and print it according to the Printing Tips.*
*If your download is in ZIP format, look for a “READ FIRST” file within the Zip file. If you see one, your template has additional instructions that must be followed for successful printing.
Using Bridal Item Template:

After you follow the website instructions for retrieving the template and have downloaded the template onto your desktop, you are ready to go!

Our templates have sample text that you can replace with your own personal information. Just highlight the sample text and type over it. Then change the font size, style and color to suit your personal style.

In Word, you change text by highlighting it and clicking on the FORMAT and FONT menus to select your specific changes. Or use your Formatting Palette window box to make changes. As you customize your document, make sure you rename and save your project under SAVE AS, so you can keep the original template, as well as a separate document that has your changes.

To Print:

It is important to tell the printer the size of your paper and other information so you get the best print possible. Make a test print first, so you don’t use up your valuable paper or cardstock. Also take advantage of the Preview function to see how the page will look when printed.

Print Quality: Always change this setting to BEST.

Paper Type: Change your paper type to Cardstock or Heavyweight, depending on what your software lists and what you will be creating.

Paper Size: In the printing box, indicate the width and height of your paper. If you are not printing on standard 8-1/2” x 11” or legal size paper, you will need to customize the paper size information by entering in the specific size of the paper you will be using. There should be a category called Custom Size or something similar where you can do this before printing.

Test Printing: Make a test print onto plain paper. Make sure it is the size of the cardstock you will be using for your final product. Cut it down to the size of your cardstock if you need to. Check over the printed sample for alignment, color, etc. and adjust your document if necessary. You can also go into FILE, Page Setup to move the top margin to align text. Keep making test prints until you are happy with the fonts, color, alignment and other aspects of the document.

Paper Feed: We recommend that you manually feed the paper into the printer, to reduce the chance of a paper jam. Prior to printing, remove from the tray any paper you won’t be using. You can send the document to print all the pages at once, but you will be manually feeding the paper in one sheet at a time.
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