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Strongsville, OH - October 24, 2017

Jump into the fall crafting season with these 25 essential supplies.

Strongsville, OH - September 1, 2017

A great business card can keep you at the forefront of your clients’ minds.

Strongsville, OH - July 31, 2017

Your company is more than just the products you sell.

Strongsville, OH - June 20, 2017

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but your crafts will sell better if you use well-written descriptions to tell buyers about them. Start with these tips.

Strongsville, OH - January 2, 2017

How to make the year-round task of ordering, receiving and selling seasonal merchandise as painless as possible

Strongsville, OH - December 2, 2016

Crafts companies with showrooms offer customers a convenient product-viewing option

Strongsville, OH - November 19, 2016

How soon should you introduce your holiday store displays?

Strongsville, OH - November 17, 2016

Crafts Direct's store manager shares the secrets of the business' success

Strongsville, OH - November 15, 2016

Fill your customers' heads with new ideas while they're waiting in line

Strongsville, OH - November 11, 2016

How a rewards program can help you attract and retain customers

Strongsville, OH - November 10, 2016

Is marketing to customers based on birth year a good idea?

Strongsville, OH - October 18, 2016

How craft stores can leverage the DIY home decor trend

Strongsville, OH - October 16, 2016

Creating a fine art section can bring in repeat customers

Strongsville, OH - October 12, 2016

How to find the best employees for your craft business

Strongsville, OH - October 5, 2016

How garden centers can benefit from selling craft supplies

Strongsville, OH - October 4, 2016

Demonstrations can increase sales of the new generation of die-cutting machines and supplies

Strongsville, OH - October 2, 2016

Wood block and paper mache letters are all the rage. Here's how your store can get a word in edgewise with customers.

Strongsville, OH - September 9, 2016

How you display and highlight merchandise has a real impact on your sales

Strongsville, OH - August 29, 2016

Host a successful event to create buzz and draw in new customers to your store

Strongsville, OH - August 23, 2016

Internet writers have a huge impact on craft trends

Strongsville, OH - August 23, 2016

Steve Diddams, of Diddams Party Stores, offers an insider’s view of what’s hot in the party store space — and how you can capitalize on it

Strongsville, OH - August 2, 2016

Steps to make your dream a reality

Strongsville, OH - July 12, 2016

Make-and-take projects are a valuable tool for craft retailers

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